Minutes, 2 November 2017


MINUTES of the Parish Council meeting held on 2nd November 2017 at 7.30 pm in Marston & Hougham  Village Hall.

Present: Cllr P Cartwright (Chairman), Cllrs S Brown, J Hare, A Watson, V. Morrell, R. Morley and       T. Jones.

17/18-61: Chairman’s remarks/public forum:  there were no members of the public present.  Chair welcomed all present.

17/18-62: Apologies – Cty Cllr Maughan and Dist Cllr Wood.

17/18-63: Declarations of Pecuniary Interest - there were none.

17/18-64:  Minutes of the last meeting – Minutes of the meeting held on 5th October were read, accepted as a true and accurate record, and signed by the Chairman.

17/18-65: Action items from the previous meeting:

[a] Emergency Plan – nothing to report.  A meeting is to take place on 27th November in the Village Hall, regarding various matters relating to the Plan.  This is advertised on HAMES.

[b] Village sign – Cllr Hare confirmed that all artwork has gone to the Village Sign company.  It has arrived there and she is just waiting to hear from them.  Likely timescale for final sign is 12-18 months.

[c] The wheelie bins at The Thorold Arms have been removed.  

[d] Kerrs Crescent – matters reported to SKDC – Clerk to chase again and copy in Cllrs Maughan and Wood.

[e] The noticeboard is ready and the Chairman will collect it on 6th November.  Cllr Morley will install.

[f] Lyn Wesson has started completing the report forms (April to September to hand, October awaited).  She has had e-mail problems which are ongoing.                 

17/18-66:  County/District/Police matters: there were no reports to hand. 

17/18-67: School Safety Zone and Highways: Cllr Maughan had e-mailed to say that extension of the zigzag lines outside the school will not be assessed until resources are available.  The signage for the school on the road on Bridge Street will be put into the works program and done eventually.  Clerk to chase SKDC re nameplates and copy in Cllr Wood.

17/18-68:  Planning :

Wagtail country park – 5 applications for removal of Condition restricting site to limited opening time – all approved.

Land adjacent to the A1 has been cut but no further information on owner.


17/18-69: Finance:

[a] It was resolved to sign the bank reconciliation/income and expenditure account. Bank balance is £12,714.93.

[b] It was agreed to pay Cllr Hare £56.64 (for gifts to artist, and postage costs) and a cheque was drawn.It was also agreed to reimburse Lyn Wesson £22.97 for purchase from L.R.S. (this will be paid by BACS with her salary).

17/18-70: Correspondence – there was none.

17/18-71: Urgent matters for discussion – quite a few properties have hedges that are overhanging pavements, impeding passage by pedestrians.  Note to go on HAMES.

It was agreed that a log should be kept of all lorries that over-shoot QK and end up in the village – there was one at 6 pm on 31 October that was outside Cllr Hares property.

17/18-72: Next meeting – it was agreed that we would not hold a December meeting and so the next meeting is on 4th January 2018.


Meeting closed at 8.23 pm