Minutes, 22 November 2018


MINUTES of the Parish Council meeting held on 22nd November 2018 at 7.30 pm.

(Village Hall unavailable at last minute, so private residence used).                                             

Present: Cllr P Cartwright (in the Chair), Cllrs. S Brown,  R. Morley, V. Morrell, T Jones and A Watson, and  Dist Cllr P Wood

18/19-84: Chairman’s remarks:   Chair welcomed all present and recorded the resignation of Jenny Hare.  Notice of Vacancy has been put around.

18/19-85: Apologies –Cty Cllr A Maughan.

18/19-86: Declarations of Pecuniary Interest - there were none.

18/19-87:  Minutes of the last meetings – the Minutes of the meetings of 6th September and 4th October were read and approved, and it was resolved that the Chairman sign them.

18/19-88: Action items from the previous meeting:

[a] Emergency Plan –Plan is back from LCC and GDPR information has been added.  It will be sent to Councillors for approval.  Once the Plan is on the website an advertisement requesting stewards will also be put on the website.  Cllr Morley will replace Jenny Hare on the committee for the Plan.

[b] Village sign –ongoing.

[c] No report from the Community Cleaner.  The footpath to the rear of Kerrs Crescent has been cleared enough to walk along.

[d] A tree survey along Toll Bar Road still ongoing – Cllr Maughan chasing.

[e] Reed beds and bird hide – more information is being sought.

18/19-89:   County/District/Police matters:

Dist Cllr Paul Wood advised that the new Local Plan has gone to the Secretary of State for approval.  It is likely to be effective in mid-2019 if approved and is valid for 20 years.

Police report stated no crimes been reported between 1st October and 14th November.

18/19-90: SID  - New battery has been installed; still only lasting 10 days.

18/19-91: Defibrillator – New battery has been ordered and installed. Heat pads will not be ordered till January.

18/19-92: School Safety Zone and Highways: Cllr Maughan is having a meeting with Highways on 7th December when some of the outstanding matters may get updated.

18/19-93: Planning:

     S17/2155 – Downtown Outlet – pending consideration.

     S18/0221 – Trent Autograss – pending consideration – more information required.

     S18/1745 – Toft House Farm – pending consideration.

     S18/2027 – Thorold Arms extension – no comments made as all Councillors hold shares.

     S18/1949 – no planning permission required – permitted development.

     LCC planning PL/0120/18  land to east of A1 – circulate to Councillors.

18/19-94: Amenity Area – Cllr Watson meeting Mr North re hedge-laying.

18/19-95: Cllr Morley will look into costs of Soldier Silhouette figures – Agenda for January meeting.

18/19-96: 2019 Meeting Dates – all okay – Clerk to confirm to Hall bookings secretary.

18/19-97: Emergency Text Alert Scheme – Cllrs Watson & Cartwright have put us forward for this scheme as part of the Emergency Plan.

18/19-98: Finance:

It was resolved to sign the bank reconciliation/income/expenditure accounts as at 31.10.18.

18/19-99: Correspondence – none.

18/19-100: Urgent matters for discussion –  none.

18/19-101: Date of next meeting:3rd January 2019 at 7.30 pm (Precept).


Meeting closed at 8.30 pm