Note that for security purposes if you wish to send an email to a councillor you must copy and paste the email address into a message form and change the '_at_' to '@'.

Councillor Mr. A.R.Barradell
Oak Trees, Bridge Street, Marston
Email: (Change _at_ to @ )
Tel: 01400 251045

Councillor Mr. S.Brown
The Smithy, Pinfold Lane, Marston
Email:  (Change _at_ to @ )
Tel: 01400 250563

Councillor Mr. P.Cartwright (Chairman)
Monterey, Toll Bar Road, Marston
Email:   (Change _at_ to @ ) 
Tel: 01400 250048

Councillor Mrs. V.A.Morrell
Main Street,Marston
Email:   (Change _at_ to @ )
Tel: 01400 250061

Councillor Mr. C.Stephens
Mull House, Main Street, Marston
Email:  (Change _at_ to @ )
Tel: 07703 131253

Councillor Mr. K.O'Sullivan
Elmwood, Main Street, Marston
Email:   (Change _at_ to @ )
Tel: 01400 250438

Councillor Mr. A.M.Watson
Willow Corner, Main Street, Marston
Email: (Change _at_ to @ )
Tel: 01400 250840