Minutes, 12 Nov 19



MINUTES of the Parish Council meeting held on 12th November 2019  at 7.30 pm in Marston and Hougham Village Hall.

Present: Cllr P Cartwright (in the Chair), Cllrs. R. Morley, V. Morrell, K. O’Sullivan, C Stephens and A. Watson plus Cty Cllr A Maughan and  Dist Cllr P.Wood.  There were no public present.

19/20 -80: Chairman’s remarks:   Chair welcomed all present.

19/20 -81: Apologies –Cllr S Brown.

19/20 -82: Declarations of Pecuniary Interest – all present in item 9 of the Agenda.

19/20 -83:  Minutes of the last meeting – the Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd October 2019  were read and approved, and it was resolved that the Chairman sign them.

19/20 -84: Action items from the previous meeting:

Village sign –this is now in position – thanks to all who helped with the installation.

19/20 -85:   County/District/Police matters:  Cllr Maughan stated that LCC has now collected 1 million tons of recyclable energy waste.  Cllr Wood said that SKDC has its budget forthcoming.

19/20 -86:  School Safety Zone and Highways:  There were a number of objections to the yellow lining/zigzag extension consultation so this will be put to the LCC planning committee.

A camera survey had been done in April in respect of the flooding at Main Street/Pinfold Lane – Cllr Maughan will chase results and action.  Flooding on Stonepit Lane is now in the system and an Officer from LCC will visit.  Noted that there is flooding outside Hall Garth on Toll Bar Road.  It is up to dyke owners to keep them clear to ensure water flows away.

19/20 -87: Planning:

S19/0735 - application for drive through coffee shop – no change on this – it appears refusal will be recommended.

              S19/1422 – 6 new houses at Glendale, Main Street – pending consideration.

              S19/1579 – 1.5 storey new dwelling at The Willows, Barkston Road – pending consideration.

              S19/1649 – additional dwelling at land adjacent to Dovehouse, Barkston Road – pending

              S19/1813 – extensions at Chapel Cottage, Toll Bar Road – no objections.

19/20-88: Thorold Arms – a Post Office Outreach service will commence on Wednesday 11th December and will operate for 3 hours on each Wednesday morning.  The Thorold is due to open on 30th November.  The old photographs have been retrieved and handed to the Thorold Committee and the original pub sign will go to the pub and not the village hall.

19/20-89: Defibrillator – the annual visit from CHT revealed that there was no electricity supply – this was put right and an invoice for £60 has been paid.

19/20-90: Amenity Area –Grass-cutting and hedge topping will be done when weather is conducive.  Resolved that Cllr Watson will get a quote for hedge laying [to take place in January] for the area between the bridge and the field.   Cllr Stephens will speak to the School to see if they would have any interest in a nature trail.

19/20-91:  Emergency Planning meeting – Cllr Watson had attended and gave a short report.

19/20-92:  A1 Safety Workshop meeting – Cllr Stephens had attended and gave a short report.  There is tremendous growth coming along the A1 corridor – 100,000 houses in 10 years.  It was not designed to take the amount of traffic that it has today.  A group will lobby Government for more funding.

19/20 -93: Finance:

It was resolved to sign the bank reconciliation at 31.10.19.

19/20 -94: Correspondence – none.

19/20 -95: Urgent matters for discussion – Dog fouling is still an issue.  Christmas hamper contributions are required.  The Bede tea will take place on 8th December (? at the Thorold).

19/20 -96: Date of next meeting:2nd January 2020 at 7.30 pm.


Meeting closed at 8.30 pm