Minutes, 4 Nov 21

NOTES of the Parish Council meeting held at Hougham and Marston Village Hall on 4th November 2021  at 7.30 pm 
Present: Cllr A. Watson (in the Chair), Cllrs S. Brown, V.Morrell,  and K. O’Sullivan, plus  Dist Cllr P Wood and Cty Cllr A Maughan.  There were no members of the public present.  
21/22-82: Chairman’s remarks:   Chair welcomed all present. There were no members of the public in attendance.
21/22-83: Apologies – Cllrs A Barradell. P Cartwright and C Stephens.
21/22-84: Declarations of Pecuniary Interest – there were none.
21/22-85:  Minutes of the last meeting – the Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd September were read and approved, and it was resolved that the Chairman sign them.
21/22-86:  County/District/Police matters:  Cllr A Maughan – LCC has just had its climate summit and there were a range of views on all sides of the debate.  The impact of the budget on LCC is a shortfall of £25-£30,000,000 over the next 3 years.  Cllr Maughan has had discussions with Highways England regarding the A1 and they will not be making any alterations to slip roads.  The coffee shop will go ahead but there has been no request to close the crossover as yet; they want to close the crossover before the coffee shop is built.  The slip road doesn’t meet the criteria for any works.  Agreed we should write to our MP Dr Caroline Johnson.
Cllr P Wood advised that the budget affects SKDC too – they have to have a 3 year plan and it will mean cutbacks.  They are reviewing their leisure centres and housing stock.  There has been a review of the planning committee and some of the changes proposed were not agreed; the new head of planning (Emma Whittaker) is going to review the review.
21/22-87:  School Safety Zone and Highways:  Snatched land at A1/Toll Bar Road – the fence has not been moved and the land is up for renting.  Cllr Maughan will check the ownership of the old A1 and also find out what is being dumped on the site.
The drainage plans will happen this year.  Sewage blockage at Main Street/Toll Bar Road is being monitored.
21/22-88: Planning:       S21/1018 – Solar Farm at Gonerby Moor – approved.  
          S21/1413 – The Corn Drier – reserved matters – pending consideration.
          S21/1634 – Holly Farm tree works – approved.
          S21/2165 – New dwelling at Dove House, Barkston Road – agreed we must insist that the  planning department consult with Anglian Water due to incapacity – we already have 10% growth.
21/22-89: Community Cleaner – No up to date report.
21/22-90: Amenity Area – One fingerpost sign is still missing.  The bench will be ready in the next month or so.  Hedging and grass needs doing next year.
21/22-91: New benches –The bench on Barkston Road is in place and being used.  The bench for the village green is in place.  See 21/22-90 regarding Amenity Area bench.
21/22-92: Planting Daffodils – a lot of planting has been done but there are still a lot of bulbs left – amenity area still has to be done.
21/22-93: Queens Platinum Jubilee – there is to be a quiz on 29th January 2022 and the next meeting of the QPJ committee is on 10th January 2022.
21/22-94: Generic e-mails: It was agreed that Councillors will set up Parish Council specific e-mails in the format marstonpccllrawatson@gmail.com.
21/22-95: Finance:  
It was resolved to sign the bank reconciliations at 31.8.21, 30.9.21 and 31.10.21.
Clerk had prepared and circulated budget proposals for 2022-2023 and it was resolved to agree a precept of £5,650.  
It was resolved to make a donation of £50 to the British Legion for the re-use of the poppies within the village.
21/22-96:  Correspondence – there is none.
21/22-97:  Urgent matters for discussion – donations required for the Christmas hamper.
21/22-98:  Meeting dates 2022 – Clerk circulated the list of dates.
21/22-99:  Date of next meeting:   6th January 2022.
         Meeting closed at 8.25 pm